The 5 Steps of Transition to Plant-Based Living | Lani Muelrath
Thu Oct 22, 7:30pm |
Founders Room

The doctors, dietitians, and research scientists give us the facts about plant-based nutrition. But connecting it all with your reality? That’s where Lani Muelrath—top plant-based living coach and author of The Plant-Based Journey—comes in. 

Drawn from decades of personal practice, experience coaching thousands of others on their shift to plant-based living, and research, and informed by the survey responses Lani collected from over 1200 people who have successfully transitioned to plant-based living, there are five universal stages of transition to plant-based living. Come discover what makes the difference for sustainable success.

Whether you are plant-curious and simply want to eat more whole plant foods,looking for resources for helping others on their own plant-based journey- this session will enlighten, inform, and entertain.
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