Ghost Cat My World | Michelle Friend
Tue Jul 28, 10:00am to Fri Aug 28, 5:00pm |
Founders Room
Artist Michelle Friend

Wildlife artist, Michelle Friend, has an affinity for nature and a fascination with mountain lions.Working in graphite and her attention to detail captures these charismatic animals and their enormous spirit.

Michelle visited zoos and photographed them in the Montana wilderness.  Seeing these cats in their natural habitat led her to understand the pet trade and the enormous impact, we humans have, on mountain lions. 

As an apex predator they keep ungulates in check which prevents overgrazing and helps sustain the vegetation.  These territorial mountain lions require vast tracks of land (70 to 400 square miles).

Mountain lions are considered an umbrella species, which means if land is saved for their survival, one also saves that same land for a myriad of other species:  from songbirds to bears and all in between.

Michelle would also like you to come to next week's program on August 4, 7:30pm by Felidae Conservation Fund on the mountain lion.

The exhibit can be seen during Library open hours when the room is not in use.

Visit Michelle Friend's Ghost Cat My World Website