Quick Answers

Get the quick answers with the  specific information or instruction about your most frequently asked questions.

How do I create a safe password?

A guide to creating safe and secure passwords you can remember.

How do I search for an obituary?

A quick guide to local resources available to you to find obituary notices.

What are the emergency contacts for my area?

 A list of contacts about local emergencies, commuting, local government, local weather and tides.

Where are the computer repair shops in the area?

A list of computer repair shops near Belvedere Tiburon.

Where are the meeting rooms in this area?

A list of meeting spaces to rent near Belvedere Tiburon.

Where are the nature trails in this area?

A list of local walks that you can print from home.
We also have maps in the library of Tiburon Trailheads. 

Where can I donate my books?

A list of places you can bring your book donations.

Where can I find exam proctoring services?

A list of exam proctoring locations in Marin County.

Who are my elected officials?

A list of all your representatives, from federal, state, and local level.