How do I create a safe password?

Create secure, easy-to-remember passwords

Step 1: Choose a phrase

You can create a more secure password by starting with a simple phrase. For example, let's use your favorite book: "Hotel On The Corner Of Bitter And Sweet"

If we use the first letter of each word we get:



Step 2: Add special characters

This is a reasonably strong password but we can improve it a bit by adding some special characters:



Step 3: Associate it with a website

We can use our new password on several different websites by adding a prefix or suffix with a mnemonic link to a particular site. Let's use the first letter and the next two consonants in the site name.

2Hotcobas!Amz    for  Amazon

2Hotcobas!Fcb   for  Facebook

Take a moment to think of a phrase that's meaningful to you. Use that phrase to create a secure password that you can customize for each website you visit.

While this technique lets us reuse the phrase-generated part of the password on a number of different websites, it would still be a bad idea to use it on a site like a bank account which contains high-value information. Sites like that deserve their own password selection phrase.

No approach to security can guarantee 100% security, and nothing in this guide is meant to provide any warranty or guarantee of the security of your passwords.

Some websites may not allow the use of some or all special characters. Please be aware of what special characters are allowed to be used.

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Last Revised on
December 2014