“From the lengthened way…” | Artist Deepa Jayanth
Tue Mar 22, 10:00am to Thu Apr 14, 9:00pm |
Founders Room
Artist Deepa Jayanth

Deepa Jayanth has been studying drawing, painting and printmaking since 2009, coming to it at mid-life after an education and career in economics.  She is originally from Madras (now Chennai), India.
The artist describes her techniques “Drawing is the foundation of my practise.  I work primarily in charcoal, conte, carbon pencils, oil pastels, color pencils and ink.  Often times I will combine a variety of these media on pigment-toned paper or canvas.  Paintings in this show are all oil on canvas or panel, though I also work in egg tempera and water color.  In printmaking, I have been engaged with intaglio techniques -- etching on zinc plates and drypointing on copper -- as well as with mono prints.”
Come to her reception on Tuesday, March 22, 2016, from 6-8pm.
The exhibit can be seen during Library open hours when the room is not in use.