Art Exhibit: "Remembrance" by Diana Liu Benet
Thu Jul 6, 10:00am to Thu Jul 27, 5:00pm |
Founders Room
The Artist’s reception is on Thursday, July 6 from 6-8pm

"It’s always been about light and shadow. The quality of light; the clarity or translucence, the hue or the lack of color, and what it allows one to see or disallows the same, has captivated my attention since childhood. . . 

My father was an internationally renowned watercolorist. As a young girl I watched him paint, and as I began to understand his craft I realized that despite all the beauty of his brush stroke, the bold use of color (his trademark), the gesture or implied motion, there was no shadow. This may have been the impetus for my study of how light and shadow plays such an important role in Western Painting.

I would say that my Chinese background has imbued me with the value of composition and the definitive character of stroke, while Western training allows me to explore my world in oil, egg tempera, mixed media, charcoal & ink."

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