Art Reception: Paintings by Elizabeth Rodis-Jamero
Tue Aug 1, 6:00pm to 8:00pm |
Founders Room
Elizabeth Rodis-Jamero

Artist's statement:

"Why I paint? As I observe nature, I've gained a better understanding of its symbiotic existence. It satisfies my curiosity as I search for the fine details of information we usually ignore, bypass or don't see ...

Nature's imperfection has it's rightful place in the scheme of things where beauty comes out dominant, to be admired by anyone willing to stop and notice its presence.

It allows itself to become the subject and the focal point of ones attention, letting artists  to have a take at it ... to capture the weight, the grace, the countless forms in complete humble silence and exquisite flamboyant details." 

The artist's exhibit will run from August 1 through August 24.

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