Becoming an Artist | Diane Green
Tue Oct 24, 7:00pm |
Founders Room

This past summer, local Tiburon artist, Diane Green, has had her work exhibited at three different venues in Marin County.

Now, she will share her first solo show, Pathways to Private Worlds, in her home town.

To accompany her art, she will give a talk about becoming a painter and about the works she has chosen for the show.

Diane will discuss form and content as they relate to specific paintings.

She hopes to engage the audience in a lively exchange – providing an opportunity to comfortably ask an artist, “What’s with that . . . .?” about a specific painting.

She will also share some of the ups and downs, the challenges, disappointments and exhilarations, of becoming a serious artist.

Her story begins with feeling slightly lost in early retirement before finding a new focus for her life.

The journey has required considerable perseverance and grit but has also led to a sense of abounding joy, as if reaching a point of homecoming.

Pathways to Private Worlds is on view in the Founders Room Gallery from October 23 through November 16.