Beverly Anderson & Woodward Payne: Photography & Abstracts
Tue Feb 13, 10:00am to Wed Mar 7, 9:00pm |
Founders Room

Beverly Anderson: Photography is the art form that most excites me. 

My past experiences with painting, sculpture, ceramics, and weaving have helped me to understand composition, design and texture, all important components in creating the visual image of the photograph.

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Woodward Payne: As my work has developed over the years I find increasingly that I identify with and respond to the sensuality of nature and landscape in all its aspects. 

I first worked with aerial landscape paintings which were a direct result of my lifelong interest in flying and viewing the unique elegance of the earth from above.

For the past three years my efforts have gravitated more towards exploring pure abstract painting.

I feel these often relate back to my earlier representational work in that they definitely recall forms found in nature.