Creative Brand Strategy: 3 Keys to Getting Seen in a Crowded Market

Rebecca Williams
Thu Oct 12, 6:00pm to 7:30pm |
Tiburon Town Hall

Why do some brands stick in your mind and others don’t? How do you know when your marketing has just the right amount of pop to get you seen? 

Branding and marketing are not just about putting your small business “out there”, it’s about being clear and creative in how you do it. 

Join us for this hands-on workshop where you will learn and immediately put into action three keys to getting your small business more attention and more clients.


WARNING: High potential for starting to see marketing as FUN.



  • Learn how to clarify your message so people GET IT FAST
  • Learn how to identify your business voice and tone
  • Jumpstart your business creative mindset


Rebecca Williams is a marketing and brand communications professional. Visit her website for more information.