Evolutionary Blues | Tiburon Film Society
Thu Jun 14, 6:30pm |
Founders Room

Running Time:  90 minutes
Country:  USA 
Genre:  Documentary 
Cast:  Alabama Mike, Betty Marvin, Dalhart Johnson, D’ Wayne P. Wiggins, E. Leon “Denianke” Williams, Electra Kimble Price, The Dynamic Miss Faye Carol, Freddie W. Hughes, Fantastic Negrito, Geoffrey Pete, Hartfield Brothers
Director:  Cheryl Fabio [in person]

The Blues is an earthy, soul-stirring mélange of roots music and personal narratives that became the defining soundtrack of Black America. Wherever Black people settled that soundtrack took on a local flavor. 

In Northern California, the influences came from the musicianship of Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma. Seventh Street in West Oakland supported and bolstered Blacks who answered the call of the war effort in the late 1940’s. Entrepreneurship created a fully contained community that provided work, homes and all the necessities of life including a fully developed music scene. 

Watch as more than 30 local musicians share their inspiration and describe the trajectory of the Oakland Blues: how it evolved and what it has become. 

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