Fire in Marin: Free Class for Tiburon Residents
Thu Nov 9, 7:00pm to 9:00pm |
Tiburon Town Hall (1505 Tiburon Boulevard)
Tiburon Fire Department

Come learn about why our communities are at great risk for a catastrophic fire and what you can do about it.

Learn how to create attractive landscaping that complies with Tiburon Fire's Defensible Space regulations.

The class also covers how to make your home more fire resistant and what you need to know to be ready to evacuate if needed.


The workshop will also include:

  • Why Marin is at risk for a catastrophic fire
  • Good and bad types of vegetation
  • How you can stop a fire from spreading in your landscaping
  • How you can make your home fire safe
  • What the cities and county are doing
  • Personal safety during a fire
  • What your block and neighborhood can do


Pre-registration is required.

Please call 415.2696836 or email with your name, city of residence, and contact information. 

Find more information on this online PDF flyer.