Get Savvy Part 1 - Reducing the Risk of Sexual Assault
Thu Sep 21, 7:00pm to 8:30pm |
Founders Room
Kathleen Buckstaff

Kathleen Buckstaff, Belvedere resident and author of Get Savvy: Letters to a Teenage Girl about Sex and Love, will share what she has learned about sexual predators’ traits, tactics and tricks and what we can do to exit early or intervene to reduce the risk of sexual assault.
Get Savvy “is about a tough subject yet is so beautifully written that it is, literally, a page-turner. I want to give it to all my friends and my children and my children's friends-- it's that good, that important. It tells a harrowing story of abuse and recovery, and woven in are words of wisdom from young men and women finding their way through the maze of our confusing modern rituals around sex, drinking and experimentation. It includes definitions, statistics, science and interviews with experts. But above all, it's a big-hearted, generous book that seeks to help all young people become more savvy about sex and love. Don't hesitate. It's a must-read, empowering and honest.” –an Amazon review
Part One is appropriate for all high school students and above. Parents, educators, and school counselors are encouraged to attend to increase their ability to identify predatory behavior and steps they can take to intervene early.

Part Two will be held on October 19, 2017.