Healthy Eating for Healthy Aging | Meredith McCarty, Nutrition Educator
Tue Jan 24, 7:30pm |
Founders Room

Natural health expert and international keynote speaker on diet and health, Meredith McCarty, will inspire your group of friends, colleagues or employees toward greater well-being. Her many years of experience in the world of food and healing contributes a wealth of knowledge through enlightening subjects that range from the general state of our nation’s health and how to heal it, to diet and health lectures that address specific issues such as diabetes and cancer.

Meredith McCarty, Nutrition Educator, is the author of three cookbooks including the international award-winning Sweet and Natural. She is a member of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and has worked in educational programs with Drs. Benjamin Spock, Dean Ornish, John McDougall and Neal Barnard. She is a former associate editor of Natural Health magazine and co-director of the East West Holistic Health Center for 19 years. 

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