Hope & Grace: A Year in Tapestry | Sue Weil
Tue Jan 3, 10:00am to Thu Feb 2, 5:00pm |
Founders Room Gallery

Hope & Grace: A Year in Tapestry, by Artist Sue Weil
Exhibit: January 3 through February 2, 2017
Reception: January 5 from 6-8pm

Artist's Statement:

"As an artist, I am interested in creating works that add beauty and a sense of quiet to the places they inhabit. My tapestries often reflect my inner call for peace and order; though occasionally depict humorous images as a shout-out for comic relief in an all-too-serious world. I’ve been told that my work is architectural in feel; the weight, line and balance reflecting an architect’s sensibility. Feeling that often less is more, my designs are intentionally spare, exploring rhythm and asymmetry in bold compositions.

Weaving attracts me for its simplicity: two opposing sets of threads twining together to create a whole. Working at the loom provides me the opportunity to sit in the stillness of my thoughts, allowing my hands to think."

The exhibit can be viewed during Library open hours when the Founders Room is not in use.

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