Intelligent Design and other Poems | Bruce Sams
Thu Apr 7, 7:30pm |
Founders Room
Bruce Sams

In this poetry reading, Bruce Sams takes us on a philosophical excursion. "...witty, insightful, provocative"—through human aspirations, foibles and delights.

His savvy, wry intelligence considers a wide range of subjects: mortality, politics, spirituality, the nature of Nature, biology’s lessons, the afterlife, the mysterious power of art, the wonder of an enduring love.

Intelligent Design is one of those rare and marvelous books that fulfill the promise of their titles not only in content but in form.

These verses, as down-to-earth in tone as they are, do not want for elegance; expertly cadenced and rhymed, they are so disarming that we are perfectly set up for superb payoff after superb payoff.

Invariably, the reader is surprised, enlightened, and—no mean feat—entertained.

These beautifully wrought ruminations will reward many a re-reading. Enjoy!