Journey with Robert Thurman in Bhutan | Tiburon Film Society
Thu Sep 14, 6:30pm |
Founders Room

Journey with Robert Thurman in Bhutan

Running Time:  63 minutes
Country:  New Zealand 
Language:  English 
Genre:  Documentary 
Director:  Emily Davidow & Joshua Davidow

'Journey with Robert Thurman in Bhutan' takes you on an inner and outer journey into the heart of Bhutan. This intimate look at the Land of the Thunder Dragon explores Bhutan's sacred sites, where Dr. Thurman offers lively teachings and meditations that illuminate central principles of Buddhism, including the four Noble Truths, the preciousness of human life, the immediacy of death, the wheel of life, and voidness and compassion.

Dr. Thurman also reveals the history of how Buddhism came to Bhutan and why it is essential for Bhutan's future as a system of education to achieve Bhutan's goals for Gross National Happiness.

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