The Journey to Wealth | James Demmert
Tue Jan 31, 7:30pm to 8:30pm |
Founders Room

Through his new book, The Journey To Wealth,  investment management expert, and author, Tiburon resident James E. Demmert shows the reader how to grow and manage real wealth.


In his presentation, he will cover topics such as:  
    • Why most investors underperform markets and repeat the same mistakes and how his process improves the performance.
    • The 3 key risk management tools most investors ignore – the less you lose the more you make.
    • Why most investors overpay for investment management and its negative effect on performance.
    • Passive vs. active investing and the problem with passive indexes and ETFs.
    • Important decisions/key concepts in wealth management.
    • And how to set your investment goals and your personal rate of return (ROR).


James Demmert has been managing investment portfolios for institutional and individual investors for over 20 years.

He is a seasoned wealth manager and is experienced in the areas of retirement, financial, estate and tax planning.

He is the Founder/Managing Partner of Main Street Research, LLC in Sausalito.