LinkedIn for Beginners, Part I

Ursula Cousin
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Wed Jan 16, 6:30pm to 8:00pm |

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Are you interested in exploring it? Sign up for this workshop and learn how to create a brand new professional looking profile.

Learn about LinkedIn and why you should join this social network with social media consultant Ursula Cousin. Ursula shares her Social Media and Social Networking experiences on LinkedIn with others by showing them how LinkedIn could help grow their businesses and connect with prospects and customers.

She will guide you through the process of setting up a basic profile and how you can take advantage of the main features of this powerful platform.


Space is limited! Please RSVP below or call the Reference Desk at 415.789.2661 for more information.


Ursula Cousin is a writer of powerful LinkedIn profiles. As a Social Media consultant, she offers creation and optimization services for personal LinkedIn profiles and set up services of LinkedIn company pages and shows how important it is to use this technology to shape your own digital identity as an individual as well as a company.
Visit her page to learn more about her work.