Marin Audubon Speaker Series - Dr. Steller Is Coming to Marin!
Thu Nov 9, 7:30pm |
Richardson Bay Audubon Center, 376 Greenwood Beach Rd., Tiburon, CA
Pete Devine

Dr. Steller Is Coming to Marin! 
Speaker: Pete Devine 

The noisy, colorful Steller's Jay is instantly recognizable. Its dark blue plumage, shaggy black crest, squawking calls and boisterous behavior make it a conspicuous year-round resident of our wooded areas. 

In this presentation you'lll be treated to a living history "visit" by this lesser known but important scientist, Dr. Steller. 

In an informative and entertaining performance, Dr. Steller will be brought back to life by Pete Devine, the Resident Naturalist with The Yosemite Conservancy.

Contact: Host: Email Susan Kelly or call 415.883.9505 

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