Operation Route 66 | Tiburon Film Society
Thu May 11, 6:30pm |
Founders Room
Belvedere Tiburon Library and the Tiburon Film Society

Operation Route 66

Running Time:  91 minutes
Country: USA 
Genre: Documentary 
Cast: Blake Leitch, James Sperry, Amber K Stone, Richard Leone, Harley Russell, Annabelle Russell, Teri Smith, Alexandro Velez, Jaime Havig
Director: Kurt Gerber 

Operation Route 66 is a feature length documentary that chronicles a father and son as they ride motorcycles across Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles. Route 66 is the path that connects America, and connects Americans. The pair meet, and interview, repatriating service members from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars in order to learn more about their experiences while deployed and the issues they are facing now that they are back home. The movie focuses on the questions and complexities that are created when a generation of service members come home from war.

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