Tiburon Film Society Presents: Cities of Light
Thu Jul 13, 6:30pm |
Founders Room
Tiburon Film Society

Running Time:  78 minutes
Country:  USA 
Genre:  Documentary 
Director:  Robert Gardner

Over a thousand years ago, Europe experienced one of its greatest periods of cultural enlightenment. For more than three centuries in Medieval Spain, Muslims, Jews and Christians lived together and prospered in a thriving multicultural civilization. Here, remarkable individuals of different faiths made lasting contributions in such areas as poetry, art, architecture, music, dining etiquette, science, agriculture, medicine, engineering, navigation, textiles, and even hydraulic technology.

Their rich, complex culture reached a high point in the Mediterranean Middle Ages. However, larger forces in the conquest of land and power brought about puritanical judgments, absolutism, and religious extremism. The conflict they triggered extinguished the shared learning that once flourished in this enlightened land.

Cities of Light takes viewers through an engaging, insightful journey into this critical period in world history.

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