teen kits

Teen DIY Kits for teens!

Fri, January 07, 2022

Pick up a craft kit at our curbside table and make it on your own time.

The kits are free for teens and tweens while supplies last and new crafts are available each month.

CURRENT:  Zipper Bracelets


COMING SOON:  Valentine's Puzzle Kits

Here's a list of all the DIY kits we've made:

  • Winter Spice Satchet
  • Morse Code Necklace and more secret codes
  • Halloween Treat & Origami
  • Back to School Kits with a pencil case to decorate
  • Diamond Dot Bookmarks
  • Tie-dye Caps
  • Ice Cream in a Bag 
  • Guitar Pick Necklaces
  • Friendship Pins
  • 2-in-1 Edible Gnome & Fairy Garden Greenhouse
  • Boba Tea & Mini Greenhouse
  • Feather Quill Pen