Book Lists

New Young Adult books are listed by theme or subject. You'll find something to love - from edge-of-your-seat adventure to brain-hungry zombies - click a list to see what's new!


Popular New Fiction

All kinds of YA books including realistic fiction and genre mash-ups.

Adventure & Espionage

Dangerous quests, undercover ops, and secret spy missions. 

Award Winners

Updated annually with recent YA award-winning titles.


Need to read a classic for school? Look no further.

Fantasy, Fable & Fairy Tale

Fairies, dragons, witches, wizards,  myths, legends and fairy tales.

Graphic Novels, Comics & Manga

Superhero comics, graphic adaptions of literature, manga, and more.

If you Like Hunger Games, Maze Runner, and Divergent

Survival in a dystopian or apocalyptic future.

In the Past

Escape to a faraway place and time with these historical novels.

Love & Romance

Books to make you swoon.

Music, Dance, & Drama

If your life revolves around music or the performing arts, this list is for you.

Poetry & Novels in Verse

Collections of poems and novels in verse for teens (fiction and non-fiction).
The 100

Science Fiction

For readers obsessed with alien abduction and intergalactic war.

Seen the Movie? Read the Book!

Teen books that have been made into current movies.

Short Stories

Reading collected short stories is a great way to learn about new authors.

Steampunk &  Time Travel

Clockwork and steam-powered machines, ladies in crinoline and lace, daring rides through the future and past.

Supernatural & Super Scary

If you love to be scared, you'll love this list - vampires, zombies, and ghosts, oh my!

Teens' Top Ten

Teen-selected books from the Young Adult Library Services Association updated annually with teen favorites.


Cry it out over these issue-driven tear-jerkers for fans of The Fault in Our Stars.

What's So Funny?

These books may be lighthearted or dark comedy but will make you laugh out loud.

Who Dunnit?

Mayhem, murder, and mystery.




Real people to inspire you.

Do Something!

Sports, action, and adventure.

Make Something!

Whether you're into crafts, cooking, or computers, these books are for you.





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