library sustainability efforts


The Library put together a team to promote sustainability efforts and environmental education. We are working to become certified as a sustainable library.

What does it mean to be a sustainable library?

We strive to enable the library and our community to become more environmentally sound, socially equitable, and economically feasible.

What are our goals?

  • Reduce energy consumption in the library building
  • Increase recycling rates and reduce waste generation inside the library
  • Raise our awareness, knowledge, and community engagement on sustainability issues

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sli page
SLCP Certification

We’re becoming greener. Take a look at all the steps we’re taking to getting closer to becoming a certified sustainable library.

community resources
Community Resources

Browse all the great resources available in our community to help you and your efforts.

recycling at the library
Recycling at the Library

Take a look at all the things you can bring to the library for recycling and MORE!

What's green in our stacks

Meet the team

  • Crystal Duran
  • Ivan Silva
  • Joey Della Santina
  • Rebecca Jung