About Us

Our mission is to provide library services now and in the future that will encourage and support a literate, enlightened and cultured community.

This mission will be fulfilled by providing, to the greatest degree possible, free and equal access to knowledge, information, and ideas through the Library’s resources and programs in a setting conducive to learning. (Adopted November 3rd, 1997)

Our History

The new Belvedere Tiburon Library opened in 1997. The opening was the culmination of years of hard work by talented and dedicated local citizens who wanted to bring world-class library services to their community.

Some of these same citizens, along with others who have taken up the cause, are working on expanding the Library building to keep up with community demand for services and space.

The full history of the Belvedere Tiburon Library can be read in First a Dream: A Community Builds a Library by Jo Ann Ridley. The book can be ordered directly from Amazon.com or purchased at the library circulation desk.

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About the Library Building

The Library was designed by the firm of Bull, Stockwell, and Allen. The architectural style is that of the 19th century railroad yard in Belvedere.

The site is part of the landfill of the 1890s done to create the railroad yard. Windows frame views of the marsh lands and Old St. Hilary's Open Space preserve.