Volunteers play an important role in ensuring that the library is a central, dynamic part of the community.

They are involved in all areas of the Library and with the Belvedere Tiburon Library Foundation.

If you live locally, and are interested in participating in the Volunteer Program, call 415.789.2665 X.2222.

We do not have the resources to accommodate court-appointed community service volunteers.

Art Committee

Art Committee members hold an art jury once every year to choose artists to exhibit for the following year. The shows are held in the Founders Room of the Library. Committee members help with hanging art shows and hosting artist receptions.


Book Repair

Help repair books that have seen better days while saving the library from having to replace items.


Book Shelving

Help staff shelve returned books to their proper place in the stacks. This is a rewarding job for those detailed-oriented people who like to see everything in its place.



Bookmarks is the volunteer organization that provides funding for children's and teen programs and special events at the Library. Work on big events like Blackie’s Hay Day and the Teddy Bear Tea with a great group of energetic people.


Community Service Club for Teens

If you are a middle or high school student inquiring about community service hours, please call the Teen Department at 415.789.2663 or see the Community Service Club for Teens.


Corner Books

Corner Books is staffed entirely by community volunteers. If you are interested in learning more about how to volunteer to work in the book shop, please call Heather Lobdell at 415.789.5000, drop by the store and add your name to the volunteer sign-up sheet, or leave an email message at cornerbooks@beltiblibrary.org.


Program Committee

A variety of museum, art, author, cultural, and educational programs are organized by the Program Committee, a group of local volunteers who draw on the expertise of residents of the community. The Program Committee organizes and hosts more than 60 programs a year.


Tea Committee

The Tea Committee puts on monthly teas on the third Wednesday of every month, except for December and August. If you like making people happy, this is the volunteer job for you!