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Self-publishing is the publication of any book or other media by the author of the work, without the involvement of an established third-party publisher.

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A Recipe for Self-Publishing. Boretz, Adam. Publishers Weekly, 7/9/2012, Vol. 259 Issue 28, Special Section p22-22, 1p.
The article profiles chef Sondra Bernstein, who self-published her second cookbook "Plats du Jour: The girl & the fig's Journey Through the Seasons in Wine Country." Topics include Bernstein's trouble in selling her cookbook, the reasons why she and her literary agent decided to self-publish her cookbook, and her advice for authors looking to publish their own books independently.

 After Eight Publishers, She's Her Own Publisher Now. PATRICK, DIANE. Publishers Weekly, 7/8/2013, Vol. 260 Issue 27, p24-25, 2p, 1 Color Photograph.
The article discusses authors and self-publishing, with a focus on Patti Davis and her decision to self-publish following projects with eight different publishers. Topics include Davis' novel "Till Human Voices Wake Us," her autobiography "The Way I See It: An Autobiography," and inspiration for writing material.

Authors Go Native. JOE, RYAN. Publishers Weekly, 4/22/2013, Vol. 260 Issue 16, special section p12-14, 3p.
The article discusses the increasing number of authors deciding to self-publish rather than contract with a publishing house in 2013. Topics include books self-published by author Lawrence Grobel, marketing resources for self-publishing, relationships between authors and publishing companies, and statistics on the growing sales of self-published books.

HOW CAN I SELF-PUBLISH? Keaise, Shiela Martina. Library Media Connection, Aug/Sep2013, Vol. 32 Issue 1, p52-53, 2p.
The author offers advice on how authors can increase their chances of self-publishing. Topics covered include proofreading and rereading manuscripts, selecting a proper publishing or printing service, and finding a graphic designer for suggestions on the book's design and layout. Noted self-publishing resources listed include,, and

My Bestselling Story. Abbott, Rachel. Publishers Weekly, 7/9/2012, Vol. 259 Issue 28, Special Section p4-6, 3p.
The author presents a personal narrative of her experiences self-publishing her book "Only the Innocent," discussing how the novel became a top-seller on web retailer Amazon, the pricing and marketing for her book, and her advice for authors looking to self-publish their books.

NICHE BOOKS: LOW RISK, HIGH RETURNS. K. S.. Kirkus Reviews, 12/15/2014, p20-20, 1/2p.
The article reports that growth in the self-publishing industry has been a boon for niche books. Particular focus is given to publishing veteran Carin Siegfried's decision to self-publish her book "The Insider's Guide to a Career in Book Publishing." Tips from Siefried about the self-publishing process are included, as well as her outlook for the prospects of independent authors.

SELF-PUBLISHING SPEEDS BOOK TO READER. Boretz, Adam. Publishers Weekly, 4/9/2012, Vol. 259 Issue 15, Special Section p21-21, 1p.
Information about author Matt Ivester and his experience self-publishing his book "lol... OMG!" is presented. The article explains how time constraints compelled Ivester to self-publish, and how his research led him to approach the process. The success of Ivester's book as well as his concerns about getting it into bookstores are also discussed.

The 8 biggest mistakes e-book authors make—and how to avoid them: You can write and publish digital works that connect with readers. James-Enger, Kelly, ()AUTHOR. Writer (Kalmbach Publishing Co.), Jul2012, Vol. 125 Issue 7, p30-31, 2p.
The article discusses eight mistakes that authors of electronic books (e-books) can make and provides solutions for each. According to the author, the most common mistake among e-book authors is that because they have the ability to self-publish, they publish products before they are ready that still require editing. The article also suggests that authors should avoid having an unappealing cover design and forgetting to market the book.

The Author Revolt. Publishers Weekly, 2/24/2014, Vol. 261 Issue 8, p188-188, 1p.
The author reflects on the growing trend of authors to self-publish and what publishing companies can do about this trend. He comments on the growth of the electronic book market share by independent authors and suggests authors are losing faith in large publishing companies. He suggests that the stigma associated with self-publishing is vanishing as more independent authors achieve commercial success. He recommends that publishers offer themselves to writers as service providers for authors.


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