Film Production 101

15 Seats Remaining

Film Production 101

Founders Room
Sat Feb 17, 2024
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

We want YOU to be a part of Belvedere’s first Home-Made Film Festival! Sign up for the free workshops and learn everything you need to know in order to make a film.

The Belvedere Home Made Film Festival is sponsoring FREE filmmaking workshops, presented by Jock Putney, local producer.

Learn the basics of filmmaking and the tools available to edit your films.


  • Learn different film shots and angles.
  • Create story boards and shot lists.
  • Schedule your shoot and gear up.


  • Get familiar with your camera equipment
  • Learn how to record audio.
  • Light and shadow 101


  • Learn how to edit your film.
  • Use special and visual effects.
  • Apply color correction to your shots.

What’s the Festival all about?

This is a chance for the community to come together in a creative way to enjoy a night in Belvedere Community Park.

Everyone is welcome to submit a video that might be included in the Movie Night.

Videos should be created by the person submitting them for consideration.

The theme is focused on celebrating COMMUNITY, in whatever way the artist interprets that idea.

Visit the Belvedere Home-Made Film Festival website for more information.

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