College Admissions Testing 101

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College Admissions Testing 101

How to Plan for the ACT and Digital SAT

Teen Room
Sat Apr 20, 2024
10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Adam Piacente's presentation provides help for college-bound students and their parents navigating college admissions testing.

Did you know that a student’s Digital SAT and ACT scores can be worth as much as the student’s entire grade point average when applying to colleges?  Yet even with so much stake, most parents and students understand very little about how to plan for these critically important tests.

To learn more, sign up for College Admissions Testing 101: How to Plan for the Digital SAT and ACT to help college-bound students and their parents navigate the often confusing process of college admissions testing.

Topics include:

  • What is the new Digital SAT? When does it start? How does it differ from the old test?
  • Test required? Test optional? Test blind? What are the differences?
  • Deciding which tests to take.  Digital SAT?  ACT?  Digital SAT and ACT?
  • Scheduling the tests. When to take the tests.  How many times to take them.
  • Preparing for the tests.  When to start preparing.  What to look for in a test prep program.  Which books to use.
  • Registering for the tests.  When to register.  How to register.  How not to register.
  • Getting ready for test day. How to get ready.  How not to get ready.
  • Understanding your scores. How to interpret score reports.  How to compare Digital SAT and ACT scores. How to decide whether to take a test again.
  • Submitting scores to colleges.  When to submit scores.  Which scores to submit.
  • Understanding performance issues. How to deal with test anxiety.  How to deal with test apathy.

Hosted by Adam Piacente of Marin SAT Prep. Adam will also be available after the presentation to answer questions.

This presentation is free and open to both students and parents. 

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