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Tue Feb 20, 7:30pm | Founders Room
This exhibit introduces audiences to the visual culture that formed the backdrop of Giacomo Casanova's life.
Thu Feb 22, 7:30pm | Founders Room
A presentation on the life of Francis O'Neill, an important figure in the history of Irish music.
Tue Mar 6, 7:30pm | Founders Room
An artist's talk with Marin Theatre Company staff and Morgan Green, director of the company's upcoming play, The Wolves.
Tue Apr 10, 7:30pm | Founders Room
From the assembly lines and airplanes of the early 20th century to the genetic engineering and smart houses of today, the thrill of new technology has defined the modern American experience.
Tue Apr 17, 7:00pm | Founders Room
Artist and author Suzanne Siminger will speak about her new book, In an Artist's Shoes: An Intimate Look at a Painter's Life in Art.
Tue May 15, 7:00pm | Founders Room
Lecture with docent Yoshi Fukamiya on the Asian Art Museum exhibit Divine Bodies.
Tue May 22, 7:00pm to 8:30pm | Founders Room
Mary Ellen Hannilbal is a long-time journalist and award winning writer who set out to become a citizen scientist and searched for and investigated what is happening in our world of nature. 
Tue Jun 5, 7:00pm | Founders Room
Lecture with artist Margot Hartford.

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