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January 29, 2019
By isilva

Interview with a Library Family:

Meet Karol and Jules Town

Libraries and families go hand-in-hand, and librarians are fortunate to befriend kids, teens, parents, and grandparents who enjoy coming to the Library for books and events.

Jules Wagner (age 17, senior at Redwood High School) partnered with me as a teen book reviewer nearly two years ago after being an active member of the Library’s Teen Book Club. 

His mother, library volunteer Karol Towns, ran this year’s Petrocelli luncheon. 

Jules and Karol share their experiences as a library family and offer their insight on the future of the Library.


Interview with Jules

RJ: Why did you join the Teen Book Club and what kept you coming back to the Library?

JW: I joined the Teen Book Club because I love reading and wanted to have other people to talk with about books. The reason I kept coming back was (besides the free pizza and movies afterwards) the chance to read more books that I wouldn’t normally read. 

RJ: What are your plans for college and beyond?

JW: I plan to go to college and keep reading all the way through (and hopefully review books if the opportunity presents itself). Beyond that, even I don’t know what I am going to do, but it will hopefully involve books.

RJ: What does the library of the future look like?

JW: My library of the future is a place that combines technology (i.e. computers and systems to help you find books) with a traditional library. It would be a place where people could go to read, study, or relax. 


Interview with Karol

RJ: What was it like chairing the Petrocelli Luncheon, a huge event for the Library and the community? 

KT: It was an honor to help carry on this tradition that is now in its 29th year. The Petrocelli Literary Luncheon is a special event in which our wonderful community comes together to support the Library while learning about new books.

RJ: What is your family history with the Library and what motivated you to volunteer?

KT: Our family has been going to the Library since my children were young and over the years we have all benefitted from the amazing programs that the Library offers. Volunteering was a way to give back and express our gratitude. 

RJ: How do libraries help bring family and community together?

KT: The Tiburon Library offers so many opportunities for families to connect and come together whether it be through storytime, programs, movies or simply checking out a good book. 

RJ: How can the Library better serve teens in the future?

KT: As the saying goes “if you build it, they will come” will hopefully remind our teens that they always have a home at the Library. 

RJ: What does the library of the future look like?

KT: I am old school in that I like holding a book and turning the pages while I read so I hope that libraries of the future will continue to house actual books and not just e-reader options.