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January 24, 2019
By isilva

Making, creating, and learning at the library

a local company prototypes and tests with the help of the library

The library has had a 3D printer for more than two years.

Our staff has had fun teaching children and adults to use this high-tech machine, and some users have shown the team a thing or two as well.

A common question we get is, “Why does the library have a 3D printer?”

True to our mission, we strive to:

·         Provide equal access to shared resources, including modern technology that most people cannot afford,

·         Offer all members of our community opportunities to learn about new technologies and stay abreast of current topics; and

·         Play a decisive role in economic development and innovation in our community.

Recently, the principal owner of BrightFingers, Istvan Szent-Miklosy, visited our library searching for help in the development of the company’s new product, a learning system to teach typing skills.

Istvan needed to test various designs of a critical piece for the product that points a computer’s camera towards the keyboard to help the software analyze in real time a person’s typing accuracy.

The library’s 3D printer provided the perfect tool to test, prototype, and refine the model before going into full production.

A dedicated space for creating, tinkering, and learning in our new library building will provide more resources for our community to play, build, and experiment.

We envision this new space as a lab where more local entrepreneurs, makers, and a variety of learners can come together to ideate and test.

Find out more about BringhtFingers at their website.

And watch a video of the software in action!