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October 12, 2019
By isilva

The French Club Marks 20 Years!

From French Sauces to Saucy French

On hearing that General De Gaulle had gone to his reward, one Parisian reputedly posed the question, “I wonder what the General and God are going to talk about?” To which another Parisian reputedly replied, “That depends on how good God’s French is!

That’s typical of the quips, quotes, and anecdotes that spice the discussions of the French Conversation Club, now marking its twentieth year at the Library.

The commentary is always animated and covers all aspects of Gallic life, from French sauces to saucy French.

Members include native speakers, expatriates, and assorted other Francophiles. But you don’t have to be any of these to sit in on their sessions.

Everybody’s welcome. Active participation in the discussions, however, is limited to those whose French is, if not at the General’s level, at least proficient.

The Club meets every Tuesday in the Founders Room from noon to one pm. For further information, call Bob Flynn at 415.306.2974.