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Teen health, safety, and sexual well-being are sensitive issues that may be hard to talk about. We have resources on these topics as well as information about obtaining your California driver's license.

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Search magazines, encyclopedias, reference books, and reports for basic consumer health information.

Find CA DMV practice tests good for the permit test, driver’s license test and the senior citizens’ refresher test.


1 year, 100 pounds : my journey to a better, happier life by Whitney Holcombe

100 questions you'd never ask your parents by Elisabeth Henderson & Nancy Armstrong

A girl's guide to fitting in fitness by Erin Whitehead and Jennipher Walters

Am I weird or is this normal? Advice and info to get teens in the know by Marlin S. Potash and Laura Potash Fruitman with Lisa Sussman 

Being a teen : everything teen girls & boys should know about relationships, sex, love, health, identity & more by Jane Fonda

Chasing the high : a firsthand account of one young person's experience with substance abuse by Kyle Keegan

Complementary and alternative medicine information for teens... edited by Sandra Augustyn Lawton

Doing it right : making smart, safe, and satisfying choices about sex by Bronwen Pardes

Safe sex 101 : an overview for teens by Margaret O. Hyde and Elizabeth H. Forsyth

The what's happening to my body? book for girls by Lynda Madaras, with Area Madaras

Tweak : growing up on methamphetamines and We all fall down : living with addiction by Nic Sheff

What's going on down there? : answers to questions boys find hard to ask by Karen Gravelle with Nick and Chava Castro 

Your food is fooling you : how your brain is hijacked by sugar, fat, and salt by David A. Kessler


Hope and help for families and friends of alcoholics.

Ask the Judge
Answers for teens about the law.

All kinds of information and resources for dealing with mental health issues, from the Annenberg Foundation Trust.

Germ Magazine
Germ is a magazine for girls—high school and beyond—that celebrates beginnings, futures, and all the amazing and agonizing moments in-between.

Go Ask Alice!
Provides readers with reliable, accurate, accessible, culturally competent information and a range of thoughtful perspectives so that they can make responsible decisions concerning their health and well-being.

Health information from FDA for teens
U.S. Food and Drug Administration's articles for teens on many important health topics.

Frequently Asked Embarrassing Questions
Health and Sexuality links for Teens from the Internet Public Library.

Nightmare on Puberty St.
Growing up might seem tough…but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare!

Palo Alto Medical Foundation’s Teen Health
Health information for teens.                                                                         

Partnership for a Drug-Free America
News, links, resources, information on drugs, slang names for drugs, surveys, personal stories, and more.

Planned Parenthood Info for Teens
Planned Parenthood's site especially for teens.

Building a nation where confidence rules. An online community created by and for teens and young adults.

An information and support service written by teens and young adults to help other teens overcome difficulties or seek help.

Resources for Teens
This is a list of some local resources for teens in San Francisco and Marin County, California.

Teens Health
Answers to questions about food & fitness, drugs & alcohol, diseases & conditions, infections, staying safe, anger, asthma, acne, etc.

The Truth
These are the guys who do those cool, kind of shocking TV ads about the cigarette industry. Their mission is to expose the lies and hidden practices of the cigarette makers, so people know the whole truth about nicotine addiction.

Young Men's Health
Oregon Health & Science University site concentrating on health issues of men and boys.

Young Women's Health
Oregon Health & Science University site concentrating on health issues of women and girls.

Resources for new drivers:

California drivers test made easy

California driver handbook

Rock Kendall's road test tips DVD

DMV for Teens
The California Department of Motor Vehicles official site for teens covers everything you need to know about driving, from permit and license info to practice tests and more.

DMV on YouTube! 
Check out the DMV on YouTube for "useful and enlightening" video clips that will help you when it's time for that all-important driving test.

Sample Tests for CA Driver's License
Ready to get your permit or license? Practice on these tests straight from the DMV.

Safety and common sense tips to help new drivers, including bad weather advice, parallel parking help, avoiding fatigue and other unsafe conditions on the road.

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March 2015